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Payment initiation
Data accessibility
Payment initiation

Payment initiation

Powerful payment solutions for your business

We enable a variety of Open Banking payment methods that improves your B2B payments. We have the tools to easily update your payment flow for invoicing, payouts, and bank payments without middlemen or unnecessary transaction fees.
Swift & Seamless
Allow payments in your UI, fully white labeled and in your control. Single, Batch, FX and invoice payments, suitable for your purpose.
Instant reporting
Stay up to date with your payments and receive instant data for your reporting.
Complete stack of payment solutions
Use for single, batch or recurring payments. Connect to our API or send us your existing ISO/XML-files as they are. We adapt to your flow.
Security first
We are licensed by the Swedish FSA. We monitor & regulate all transactions and keep AML & KYC into shape, so you donʼt have to.

Enabling files into
Open Banking

The hurdle of implementing Open Banking into your product is eliminated – Meet FilePay by Open Payments, a new product that combines the power of Open Banking with the flexibility of traditional file management.

We take your existing payment files and convert them into payment API-calls. We manage all your ISO, XML and many other payment related files.

Invoice checkout
Digital invoices are more than just efficient distribution. Open up to automatic accounting, instant follow-ups and analysis.
Reccuring payments
Set up monthly recurring payments for subscriptions, savings or installments, directly from your customers’ bank account.
Batch Payments
Process easily thousands of payments in one single signing. Purposed for efficient supplier payments or salary payments.
Account-to-Account payments

We simplify direct payments. Initiate transfers to Bankgirot, SEPA, or domestic accounts on the same day or future dates.


Send a digital request that the payer receives on any device, and in any channel – in-store, e-commerce or for B2B-purposes for improved payment ratio. Easily distributed and easily paid.

ISO/XML File payments

We know you process payments in batches already. Access easy, integrated batch payments in a perfect customer journey with the use of Open Banking and files in combination.

Data accessibility

Smarter financial
data with Open Banking

Provide your customers with a seamless connection to their bank account, in order to get real-time cash flow visibility, streamlined account reconciliations and manage invoice payments.

Automate data access

By using Open Banking, accountancy services can access customer’s financial data in real time directly from their corporate bank account. Data is verified and you can always trust it’s accurate and up to date.

Get the full picture
Access all accounts in one request. By leveraging Open Banking, you can let customers see all of their businesses accounts across multiple banks – all in one place and always up to date.
Smarter Onboarding
Simplify onboarding flows with account verification in seconds instead of days. Get the full picture and receive verified data for the KYC & AML process.
Security first
We are licensed by the Swedish FSA. We monitor & regulate all transactions and keep AML & KYC into shape, so you donʼt have to.

Report in real-time

Stay up to date with your reporting and receive instant access to all your transactional data in any account. Keep track of payment statuses – Our API gives you total control over the payment flow.